Here it is! The schedule for GIS Day @Stanford, 2016. It’s a work in progress, but only small changes to times will be made, at this point. 

This year’s events will be split between two venues. In the morning we will meet at the Hartley Conference Center, in Mitchell Earth Sciences Building, and after lunch (on the Mitchell Patio), we will reconvene at The David Rumsey Map Center at Green Library.

Please be sure to click on the TICKETS link, below, to RSVP for the event! 
avatar for Morgan Herlocker

Morgan Herlocker

Developer: Turf, Telemetry
Morgan is a Data Scientist at Mapbox, an open source mapping company developing location infrastructure for web, mobile, and automotive. He designs open source tools to infer human behavior from billions of miles of sensor data Mapbox ingests from mobile devices and vehicles. He is the creator of Turf, a JavaScript GIS engine designed for analyzing location data, along with dozens of other open source data science tools for processing high volumes of geographic data. Morgan has a background in predictive modeling and machine learning for optimizing retail networks.

Morgan is an expert in predictive modeling, and his previous experience includes creating forecasting algorithms for many international retail brands. Morgan holds a degree in Philosophy and Political Science from the College of Charleston.