Here it is! The schedule for GIS Day @Stanford, 2016. It’s a work in progress, but only small changes to times will be made, at this point. 

This year’s events will be split between two venues. In the morning we will meet at the Hartley Conference Center, in Mitchell Earth Sciences Building, and after lunch (on the Mitchell Patio), we will reconvene at The David Rumsey Map Center at Green Library.

Please be sure to click on the TICKETS link, below, to RSVP for the event! 

Ana Lucrecia Rivera

Ana Lucrecia is Production Specialist from Synergis at Google and a student of the Geography graduate program at San Jose State University. She has been using Geographic Information Systems to conduct research on urban planning topics since she was an architecture student in Mexico.

Her thesis project proposed an urban regeneration based on a GIS analysis. Still, she felt that her profession was missing a true environmental knowledge and decided to study a MSc. in Environmental Systems, where she applied geo-information systems and remote sensing to pursue research on Urban Heat Islands.

She is passionate about urban planning topics and interested in learning how geospatial technology could be used to improve social welfare and helping governments to base their decisions on geospatial data.

(Additional note from Stace) She is also one of our favorite former Stanford Geospatial Center GIS Assistants, and we are so proud of her success!